Supersized Hemp Booster

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This shaped hemp insert is made to fit your Econo Cover, but is also perfect for adding extra absorbency to any nappy. Four layers of ultra-absorbent hemp; our shaped design means you get 50% more absorbency than a standard insert. Perfect for a heavy wetter.

Made of four layers of hemp cotton blend. Sold individually.

Size: 33x22cm (at the widest part of the insert)

Note: Our hemp inserts are made from natural fibres, and hence their natural oils can repel water, affecting the absorbency in the first few uses. It can take up to 10 washes before they reach maximum absorbency. Then you will really appreciate their magic. Due to the size of these inserts, you may find this insert large for a baby under 4 months.


Supersized Hemp Booster
Supersized Hemp Booster