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About Us

When I set out to cloth nappy my daughter, it was overwhelming but exciting. The joy of using cloth was infectious. The simple fact that they do not end up in landfill, contain no harmful chemicals and can be used again and again; it was an easy choice to make.

While nursing my daughter, late in the night, sleep deprived and tired; my brain busy with ideas of creating my own cloth nappies, I decided to give this a go. I have created these beautiful cloth nappies that I have designed keeping quality, simplicity, effectiveness and ease of use in mind. With signature shaped inserts, you get maximum absorbency as well as more even distribution in the bulk of the nappy.

Making good choices for our children, shouldn’t cost the earth. The cost of disposable nappies varies, but for the more natural and biodegradable varieties, the cost can be around £800 on average, from birth to potty. Using reusables can cost you from £200-£400, to include nappies, cloth wipes, liners and wet bags. This is already a saving, and the saving is bigger when the same stash is used for more than one child.

In this little shop, on the big web, I hope to do things right. From choosing the right products, to making sure you, the user, is satisfied and happy with your experience. A lot of thought has gone into each step of the process, from product design, to choosing the right recyclable packaging. There won’t be fancy tissue paper and stickers, but you may receive your package in a recycled box, and I really hope you don’t mind. My goal here is to waste less. If I do make any mistakes, I’ll be so happy to take any advice. I’m here to learn and grow, and would love to hear your feedback.