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Newborn Nappy Wraps

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Cloth Nappies


Cloth nappies you’Ll love
Why not give cloth a go with our most popular nappy. The Pokkit. A nappy that can fit from birth all the way up to potty training. Wash, wear, repeat.
'It's so important to me that my newborns skin is not met with chemicals I know nothing about.'

Using cloth nappies means you get to choose the fabrics that sit against your baby’s delicate skin.
Zero WASTE Cloth Wipes
Saving thousands of disposable wipes from landfill
Good for everything, from cleaning up spills, to wiping messy hands, noses, and messy bums! One cloth wipes does the job of a handful of disposable ones!
Stay Dry Booster
'These incredible things got us through an 11 hour 50 nappy wearing last night! Had the hemp in too underneath and his skin was bone dry. I love these things!'

It's an easy choice

Better for your pocket.

Better for your baby.

Better for our planet.