Fabric and Care


Outer: 70% Bamboo 30% Cotton
Inner: 100% Polyester Fleece
Hemp Insert: 55% Hemp 45% Cotton 
Bamboo Inserts: 80% Bamboo 20% Polyester

Washing your Fitted nappies:

Knock any solids into the toilet or dispose of biodegradable liner in bin (if used), then store your nappy in a bucket or wet bag until wash day. Wash within 3 days.

- Begin with a 20-40 min cold rinse cycle

- Follow with a 40C long wash cycle with non bio washing powder (approx 2.5 hours/ do not use eco wash cycles) 

- Finally line dry (tumble drying is not recommended but if necessary, tumble dry on low).

Nappies can be washed up to 60C, but we recommend regular washing at 40C to prolong the life of your nappies and save energy.