Drying Cloth Nappies in Winter

Using cloth nappies in the winter can be a bit of a shock, when you’ve started the process in the lovely warmer months. When you realise that your nappies will no longer dry in a day. Many of us live in small homes, often with little or no outdoor space and limited indoor spaces. I want to tell you that you can still enjoy using cloth nappies all year. Here are our top tips for drying nappies on cold and wet winter days. 

Hanging Sock Dryer/ Hanging Peg Dryer

Sock dryers are a great way to hang inserts or nappy covers in a small amount of space. Just a couple of these could house most of your nappy wash. They also make transferring nappies from outside to inside very easy when you suddenly realise it’s raining!

Drying High 

Since hot air rises, drying your washing at a height can really speeds up the drying process. Drying nappies closer to the ceiling can get your nappies dry in a day even on a cold day. Think ceiling pulleys, or any other drying contraptions you can think of. Get creative with your space! Ours is a sock dryer hanging on our curtain rods. It might look silly but it works.

Winter Friendly Nappy Systems 

My absolute favourite thing for getting me through that extra day I find I need to dry nappies has always been nappy wraps. I save a few nappy wraps to use last in my stash, using one for multiple nappy changes (unless it’s been soiled). If I’m out of inserts, I stuff with any fabric that has the potential to absorb. Cut up an old towel or T-shirt’s, muslin fabrics, I’ve even used our cloth wipes as inserts. This would very easily get me through that extra day needed to get my nappies dry. Just remember all fabrics are not made equal, so if you try using fabric scraps, change frequently to avoid any leaks! 

Fast Drying Nappies

Since the nappy shells dry so quickly, having a few extra boosters is a great way to ensure you’ve got something to go on the bum while you wait for the rest of the inserts to dry. Having a few fast drying inserts also helps. Our hemp flat insert is 1 layer of hemp cotton, so for something incredibly absorbent, it dries in no time, making it perfect for winter use. Muslins are also a great choice.

Drying Outside

If you have the space, it is ideal to dry outside even on cold days. As long as there is a bit of a breeze and it’s not too damp out, the nappies really benefit from fresh air and will get a good head start drying. A dry windy day is perfect. This also helps to keep the moisture out of the house. 


Just as a wind outside is key to drying nappies, ventilation indoors is also equally important. Open some windows to keep the air moving. Not only will it aid drying but it will also help to keep moisture from building up in your home. 

Dehumidify your home 

Since we’re on the topic of moisture and we know that moisture not only slows down drying time but can also be a big concern in many British homes, causing damp and mould issues. If it is a concern in your home, I highly recommend finding ways to dehumidify your home, whether you use cloth nappies or not. There are some low energy dehumidifiers that can help to remove the moisture from your home and will speed up drying time at the same time. Once again keeping your home well ventilated by opening windows, will help here too.

I hope that these tips will help you get through the winter months without having to buy extra nappies! If you have any tips do share them with us. 

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