About Plan Toys

Plan Toys stands as the pioneering eco-friendly toy manufacturer, setting the standard for sustainable production and crafting high-quality wooden toys designed to engage and stimulate young minds. Utilising rubber wood sourced from trees that have ceased latex production, which would otherwise be discarded through burning, Plan Toys is committed to minimising waste. Additionally, the company innovatively utilises 'eco Plan Wood,' derived from the roots of rubber trees, transforming waste into valuable materials. This sustainable wood source undergoes chemical-free kiln drying, assembly with Plan Toy's own e-zero formaldehyde-free glue, and colouring with water-based dyes. The result is an impressive array of environmentally friendly wooden toys.

'We contribute to child improvement by cultivating a positive attitude in life both towards oneself, society, and the environment through Sustainable Play.

In 1981, the story of PlanToys began with a sustainable mind to respect and preserve natural resources for future generations. It has always been our belief, for more than 40 years, that children are the real force behind this mission. Therefore, we intend to produce well-designed toys that help enhance the development of children from 0 to 5 years old and to nurture them with freedom of play and a closer relationship to nature. Meanwhile, we try to develop the safest processes that cause minimal or no effects to our staff, consumers, the environment, and the world, and use materials that are eco-friendly and safe. Apart from toys, we pass on our sustainable minds to children through activities that focus on society, the environment, and the development of children.'